Soul Care Kit™️ - Serene


Suppose you could take a vacation in 15 minutes, right now?


Do you want to feel less anxiety and more peace?

Do you want less negativity and more positive vibes?

Do you want to feel less overwhelmed and more motivated?

Do you want to feel less exhausted and more refreshed?

Suppose you could do any of this anytime you want, in about 15 minutes?


 You can with Soul Care Kit - Serene™️


4 topics: Get Motivated - Get Over Overwhelm - Radio Negativity - Relax and Refresh

- 4 Conscious Brain Hacks

- 12 Hypnotherapeutic Journeys in 3 musical styles - Inspire, LoFi, Spa

- 8  Vibrational Healing Energy journeys in 2 musical styles -Inspire, Spa

     all with Solfeggio frequencies and Binaural beats                  


 - More than 3 total hours of Hypnotherapy - More than 2 total hours of Energy healing - 

- 4 Conscious Hacks crafted for YOU -  

Use again and again, in easy-to-fit-in

15-minute "Mini Vacations" in your pocket!

     We also gift a nurse the same Kit for every one sold,

      and we give 20% of all money raised to CHLA to help save kids' lives

           HELP YOURSELF in 15 minutes

                Help me live my dreams and support my life's work to Help people

Support In your Pocket 

 S.I.P. a little Self Care today




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- Soul Care Kit - Serene™️


- Soul Sessions

'Wellness Wednesdays'  and  'Soul Care Sundays'


-Corporate Training/Events


-1 on 1 C.U.E. Method™️  Sessions

Let me help you unlock your full

Power and Potential


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- Soul Care Kit - Serene™️

- Soul Sessions
- Corporate Training/Events

-1-1 Bespoke Solutions

Let me help you unlock your full power and potential. 




With my C.U.E. Method™️

I’ll show you how to Connect, Optimize, and Leverage the way your 3 engines-Conscious, Unconscious, and Energetic-work together, so that you can Heal, Evolve, and Thrive


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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Conroy Browne, an NLP Master Practitioner (Neurolinguistics) for 10 years,

a Certified Hypnotherapist for 7 years,

and a Vibrational Energy Healer for 5 years 

My C.U.E. Method™️ is a unique blend of these modalities NOT available elsewhere   

Each set of tools is a custom-crafted solution for each client or group’s particular challenges, blocks, values, and goals

Together we unlock Incredible Transformations

Let me Teach you to Unleash You!



More about Me

My methods

Three paths to explore:

Soul Care Kit - Serene
Treat your Soul, daily!
Soul Sessions - Sun and Wed


Treat yourself. Every week!
1-1 Bespoke Solutions 


Treat yourself! Right now!


What clients are saying about our journey together


Preston Smiles - 

Author + Speaker + Thought Leader + Co-Founder of The Love Mob & Bridge Method + Messenger of LOVE

 He's been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, Origin Magazine and many others. He's also a contributor to Huffington Post, The Daily Love, Good Guy Swag, and has appeared on top podcasts such as Lewis Howes’s The School of Greatness and Addicted2Success.


Aly Hartman-Yoga Instructor | Tarot Readings

Conroy is one of the most empathetic, caring, and real light-workers out there. He profoundly changed my life after just ONE session. Truly a magical being with a limitless capacity to heal and impart wisdom. So blessed to have been placed on a path that led me to work with him!

Catherine DeMonte -Psychotherapist & Author of "Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way! 7 Tools for Living Your Unstoppable Life"

Conroy is equal parts intuitive and pragmatic! I made big shifts from his guidance that have made a strong and positive difference in my professional and personal life. If you are looking to evolve, Conroy is the person you need to seek out. I recommend him unequivocally.
Plus he is just so darn nice to BE around!!

Ally Perkins
Holistic Nutrition Therapist

Conroy is incredibly skilled and is a phenomenal coach and healer. I've been working with him for more than 6 months now and in that time, I have moved through challenges and grown so quickly that I am stepping into opportunities that I thought would take years to attract. He has also helped me release trauma quickly and easily, something that truly impresses me as an energy healing practitioner.
Working with Conroy is an absolute joy.

Tally Barr - Former Hollywood Executive Producer

Do yourself a huge life favor and work with Conroy Browne!

He is a gifted, kind, patient, understanding and positive healer who digs into issues in the most supportive, gentle and thorough way.

Wether you’re interested in overcoming traumas/fears/ limiting beliefs, or in search of life coaching or hypnosis or 5D quantum healing , Conroy does it all and blends modalities to create just what is right for your body.

Having had many sessions with him, no two are ever alike, in the best possible way.

Wise beyond his years, his depth and breadth of perspective + guidance make the overwhelming and seeming impossible actually do-able!

‘Future You’ will thank you for connecting with him.



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